Where is 

Located 314 miles (490km) from Southern coast of Florida. Exuma is one of the many gorgeous islands The Bahamas has to offer. 

Some even argue that it is the best for vacation purposes.

Exuma consists of over 365 small islands called Cays where the world famous swimming pigs as well the iguanas can be found.
Great Exuma is 37 miles (60 km) in length connecting to Little Exuma by a bridge located in settlement we know as "The Ferry". The main and only international airport George Town International (GGT) is located on Great Exuma, about 15 minutes from the main city George Town and serves by American Airline, Delta, Bahamasair, Air Canada, Silver Airways and Skybahamas Airline.

What to  

Exuma will charm you with the beautiful white sand beaches and clear water, the most beautiful beach of the island and also the top 10 most beautiful beach of the caribbean is Tropic of Cancer beach located on little Exuma on the tropic. There is so much to do and be amazed of on this paradise island.

The weather is great all year around. We forget that there is no winter in caribbean. Exuma in december, january, febuary can be between 64 to 78°F (18 to 25°C) which is the lower temperature of the year.

And the highest temperature is in july, august and september from 76 to 89°F (24 to 31°C). 


The sea is rich in diversity of animals and plants, if you like to snorkel this is the place ! It allows to fish everywhere on the island, you might want to catch your own conch or lobster. You will also meet the stingrays, sea turtles, iguanas, different kind of fishes, conchs, the swimming pigs which is the main attraction of the island but also the sharks and if you are lucky you can even see some daulphins. On the land there is not dangerous animal. 

There are lots of places to try native dishes. It is delicious whether fried lobster, fried conch, conch salad and the scrumptious Nassau grouper (fish). Those are all native creatures from the exuma water and are reasonably fresh for a better eating experience. 

There is no stress on Exuma, we just take time to live and be happy. Come visit us, relax, enjoy your stay and make memories for life !